And not just because we scored a well-priced venue in a very short amount of time with zero fuss. (Read all about that here.) I’m incredibly lucky because I don’t have a future mother-in-law like this one who found it necessary to write into the Washington Post about a “problem” she has with her future daughter-in-law’s wedding planning:

My son is getting married to a lovely woman. She has kindly included me in a lot of the wedding plans and keeps me updated, much more than my son.

When she told me she planned on having black and lilac for her wedding colors, with her bridesmaids wearing black, I bit my tongue. I can’t help but feel like black is a color for funerals and not weddings.

I brought this up with my son, and he said he doesn’t care what the colors are. I’m not sure this is worth bringing up with my future daughter-in-law, as I do not want to start a conflict. But I am genuinely not sure if she realizes that the vast majority of the guests will associate black with funerals. Advice?

Like, seriously? Seriously? First of all, the whole concept of “colors” is kinda dumb, in my opinion, so already there’s a meta level to my discontent. But, really, let’s talk about the real problem here—this woman, who apparently has so little to worry about in life that she’s taking up the noble cause of hoping to dictate her future DAL’s taste in hues.

Also, it’s fucking 2013. Black is a veryvery common color to wear to and in weddings these days. *sigh* I can’t.

Thankfully, I don’t have to because the Post’s advice columnist, Carolyn Hax, dropped some much-needed knowledge on this lady for me. Feel free to read her entire response here, but this line sums it up pretty nicely: “People who remain focused on what matters, who don’t fret the little stuff and who let adults be adults are the ones who spend the most time as welcome guests in their grown children’s homes.”

For the record, my future mother-in-law and I have talked about “colors” exactly zero times. Indeed, she’s awesome and most definitely welcome in my house at any time. God, I’m lucky.