I’m not the kind of person who likes to admit she’s wrong. That’s mostly because I’m always right, amirite?! (No.) But it’s come to my attention that there might be better weddingland acronyms out there than STD for Save the Date. For instance, an also-engaged friend of mine pointed out to me that Save the Date can also easily be abbreviated as S the D, as in “Did you S my D?”

“Yes, girl. I S’d your D, like, two months ago!”


This is my friend and I in Hollywood.

And then commenter Shannon hilariously pointed out the following:

My BMs are too big for their dresses.
My BMs are causing all kinds of drama!
How can I get my BMs on a schedule for the big day?

Yes, not only does Save the Date have a hilarious medical equivalent, but so does bridesmaid. This BM, for example, is pretty (unhappy) in pink.


Ahhh, poop is funny…

The real question is, after this blog post, am I still funny?