My opinion on bridal headpieces is beginning to surprise me, mainly because I went from hating them to kinda sorta loving them in the last couple of weeks. I think perhaps that’s because my non-wedding wedding dress doesn’t scream “bride,” which I think is a good thing, but that means I also don’t necessarily feel very bridal in it, which I think might be a bad thing. I mean, I am getting married, after all.

So…I think I might wear a veil. Maybe. The problem is, my dress isn’t really a very white white, so finding one that doesn’t clash with it is proving to be a bit challenging. I also can’t decide if I want something more simple and long or something more fashion-forward and fascinator-like.

On the bright side, worrying about dumb shit like this helps keep your mind off the serious stuff

Now, just to find one that doesn’t look like this.

Bridal Game Q-Tip.