Sorry, But You Can't Un-See This V

Hey girl, I found those handmade $325 wedding antlers you were looking for.

P.S.: I love handmade stuff like my cat loves drinking out of the toilet, but I have to draw a line somewhere, and dressing up like a buck on your wedding day is it. I just don’t get it.

P.P.S.: If you do wear these, please don’t get married in the woods during hunting season. Or if you do, make sure to add a touch of blaze orange to your gown. Although, you’ve probably thought of that already.

P.P.P.S.: The part when being a snarky, kinda big ol’ bitchy blogger that isn’t fun is when the artisan leaves a comment on your post and you start to feel like a snarky, kinda big ol’ bitch IRL… I swear, I’m not. Well, most of the time. And so, I will add that while I’m poking fun at the above antlers, a lot of the other stuff on the site this photo links to is exquisite (it’s all handmade) and much more wearable. One veil, in fact, I’m contemplating purchasing if I don’t end up making my own.