Here’s a tip: if you ever need a diversion from the anxiety of wedding planning, try house shopping. Not only will you no longer fret about which shoes will go with your dress, but you might even forget to, you know, send out your invites. Or in my case, forget to make them. (Whose dumb idea was that again? Oh, right. The same one who decided to go house shopping while planning a wedding…)

Alas, while we thought we’d be surfing the market for months before we decided to hang 10 (I love metaphorical ’90s lingo, as much as I love historical DC rowhouses), we ended up finding something that felt like a true home. Truly, we stumbled upon the magical pegasus (so much cooler than a unicorn) of homes. And so, against all sense in this crazy competitive DC market, we decided to throw our proverbial hats (and literal money) into the ring, nay, shark tank (to give you an idea, apparently, three or four other parties were also bidding on this home) and hope for the best.

Well, turns out… after an anxious 12 hours of waiting for a call from our realtor, who is fantastic at his job, by the way, WE GOT IT! Which means now the real fun begins, if by “fun,” I mean extreme tediousness. See, unless you have bundles of cash, houses aren’t sold like shoes. It’s not often cash and carry, which means now we get to gather up all our pay stubs, tax and account information and apply for a hefty loan. This wouldn’t be as daunting if I didn’t have the organizational skills of a dumpster raccoon. Actually, scratch that. A dumpster raccoon probably even collates his things better than I do.

Anyway, what this means is that this blog will continue to be a bit slow for the next few days while I scold myself for not having the type of OCD that makes one neat. But before I go, allow me to throw out another non-wedding wedding dress in the hopes that one of you lovely readers who puts up with posts like this will scoop it up for your own future nuptials. (I’ve already heard one bride-to-be found her dress through this site, which is righteous, so perhaps another one will because, for real, THIS DRESS IS GORGEOUS.)


Pretty, yeah? It’s 100 percent silk and designed by Balmain. And if that’s not already awesome enough, it’s on sale for $1,124.90 down from $3,415 on The Outnet.