As regular reader(s) will know by now, I decided to handcraft my wedding invitations. And despite his reservations, my fiance was kind enough to go along with my whims.

“Yes, I promise they won’t look like ransom notes,” I told him. And I think it worked out:


While I’m sure they’re not everyone’s taste, they certainly speak to both my and my fiance’s aesthetics, which is the real reason why I chose the DIY route. Turns out, wedding stationery vendors don’t take kindly to spray paint and stencils, which is an idea I got stuck on a while ago when we contemplated sending out STDs to the world. However, when we realized our six-month engagement would mean our STDs would go out just about a month before the actual invites, we opted instead to simply tell our friends and families to S our D over the phone. Which means, “Fine, I’ll just stencil the invites,” I told myself. “It can’t be that hard, right?” 

WRONG. When I started spray painting into the wind and spray painted my face instead? NOT FUN. When I nearly cut off my pointer finger with a wayward Xacto razor? NOT FUN. When my cat decided to lick the varnish off of one invite and proceeded to puke multiple times all over the apartment? NOT FUN. All total, this project probably stole about 21 hours and 40 minutes from my life (including one hour of cat vomit clean-up) and $585.59 from my wallet to complete, but who’s counting?

I am:

Screen shot 2013-03-11 at 11.20.40 PM

But, at least it yielded a great result, right? (Feel free to give me endless compliments on my mad DIY skillz, ya’ll.)

And the other thing we learned? Unless you go the Evite route, invites will pretty much always gonna be expensive… *sigh* …