Weddings are kind of like graduation ceremonies. Or double dates (when you’re the double.) It’s easy to feel like you’re not doing these things for yourself, but for other people. Which is not actually a bad thing. Why not let your parents feel proud of you and think that a degree in Russian from a liberal arts college actually might mean something? Why not help a friend out and help her decide if that guy from eHarmony is actually a serial killer? And why not make sure your wedding guests, many of whom are traveling from far and wide, have a good time whilst seeing you wed your life partner?

Sure, you want to have a good time, too, but isn’t part of the joy making sure your guests are enjoying themselves?

And against all stereotypes, apparently, ex-sk8r boi lover Avril Lavigne and her future hubby, that douchey-looking dude from, um, Nickelback, also understand that.


Phew. Guests dodged a bullet on that one!

(Happy Friday, erryone. I’ve been largely absent from the blog this week ’cause my mom was having some major surgery. But don’t worry: she’s good, out of the hospital and will be in ship-shape by the time I also decide not to sing at my wedding.)