Yeah. Blogging about wedding planning > planning an actual wedding. Because worrying about your readership stats is much less intense than freaking out about—WHOOPS!—you and your fiance forgetting to APPLY FOR A MARRIAGE LICENSE.


Seriously. Note to those near the beginning of their wedding planning catabasis: do the logistical shit as early as you can. Like, once you figure out what state/county/city/whatever you’re gonna wed in, don’t sleep on the paperwork. Save yourself the last minute panic.

Luckily, we’re told (by the Internet) that we can just show up at the courthouse and they can get us this document within 48 hours.

Bullet dodged.

Because, really, how embarrassing would it be to have a $25,000 wedding (yup… that’s about what we’re spendin’ because, apparently, we’re completely average) and not even be legally married at the end of it?

Other than that, we’re doing pretty well. I managed to find a printer to print 100 copies of our most righteous and spectacular wedding menu for under $30, and we had the venue walk-through with our lifesaving wedding day-of coordinator, who is more on top of things than sprinkles on a cupcake. Our caterer also made an appearance (she’s rad, if you’re wondering), and helped us finalize our table arrangements, as well as this aforementioned “most righteous and spectacular wedding menu.” See?


I wasn’t kidding.

And the decor? Well, I went to three Goodwills and found a bunch of $1 vases and old milk jugs in which I plan to stick $5 to $7 bouquets of grocery store flowers the day before. I’ve decided that my bouquet will also be a grocery store bouquet, but paired down to something that doesn’t look obnoxiously large. I’m not into bouquets bigger than my face. Or anything that looks like it might eat me…


And so… the countdown continues. 20 days? Pfft.