As I near the ZOMFG-this-wedding-is-one-week-away-and-sheeeeiiiiiitttt-there’s-still-so-much-to-do-because-we’re-idiots-and-decided-not-to-just-elope mark, one thing has become very, very clear. Fuck decor, including all the flowers.

While I’ve figured out the table junks (99¢ Goodwill vases paired with farmers’ market scraps), the bouquets for myself and my best bitch, as well as the boutineers for the mothers and the mens, at first seemed like a professional matter. Unless, of course, everyone was gonna be happy with holding potted plants and pinning leaves on themselves.

But after visiting a flower shop and having the woman behind the counter look at me sideways when I inquired about bouquets for my wedding, which yes, holy shit, happens to be next week (get over it), and more importantly, having learned the prices of a professionally crafted bouquet and single-flower-attached-to-a-pin boutineer, I made the executive decision to just DIY that nonsense. Plus, this looks relatively simple.


If that doesn’t work, then we’ll just gather those tree branches and leaves on site and…

 photo Tim-Gunn-MAKE-IT-WORK.gif