I will go through the grueling details of this most righteous occasion in the future (when I return from a much-needed vacation, aka honeymoon in the Scottish highlands without teh Internetz, but for now, here are a couple of pics from two of our more webbed up friends, the lovely and incredibly smart and beautiful Glory Edim and the venerable, always well-dressed Greg Rutter and his equally admirable wife Aubrey.



awesome lighting




P.S.: The dress is by Mara Hoffman.

P.P.S.: And yes, in the end, the wedding was worth all the aggravation, especially when your friends send your husband (and that felt a little exciting to type) feedback like this:

I really got to hand it to you and Marissa. Your wedding was a refreshing change from so many I’ve been to in the recent past. You made it about the people, about you and Marissa, and about the marriage. These are the things that are lost at so many weddings. It turns into too much of a production and the true meaning of the day gets lost in the show. From you selection of the location, the music as Marissa walked the aisle [Intro by The XX], the vows, and the ceremony itself; to the food, music, bar, and celebration; we had such a blast in such a comfortable way.You know how opinionated I can be. I was so impressed with your wedding and have no constructive criticism to offer. It was a perfect day.

P.S. Including the presence of Humps [our cat, Humphrey] was brilliant.

P.P.S. The style of your beer selection and design was original and fantastic. [We chose beers from every place we’d lived, from England to Russia to DC and more.]

P.P.P.S. You have forever changed the meaning of XX’s “Intro.” I played it for my mom the following morning and unexpectedly got choked up. I couldn’t even explain to her how it went down because the music sent a wave of emotions through my body I was not expecting to feel. I played it again when I got home to see if the feeling lingered and I got the chills once again. Just writing this email has my hairs standing on end. That’s power. You nailed it.