Quick question: what’s more annoying? Someone planning a wedding and telling the Internet about it or the wedding industry?

This blog will probably make that question hard to answer.

Indeed, I am planning a wedding and telling the Internet about it. But not because I want to brag about how PERFECT my SPECIAL DAY will be. It’ll be mostly because I want to complain about how stupid the wedding industry is.

Luckily, it’s also good for some lolz, so let’s get this party reception started, right?

Kvetch with me: theantiwedding@gmail.com

7 thoughts on “About”

  1. I think we were meant for one another. I too am an artist and a self appointed wedding/wedding dress research aficionado. Check out my thesis project (the abridged version) http://weddedopulence.wordpress.com/

    I am also in the process of planning a wedding (court house) and reception…which is strange considering I spent six moths researching why it’s a bunch o’ crap…


  2. That is one hell of an undertaking. Emphasis on the “hell.” I will be reading your blog start to finish. I’d love to trade ideas (and complaints) with you. I cannot figure out a widget that sets up a proper contact bar in WordPress, but my email is theantiwedding@gmail.com

  3. as a former DC resident (couldn’t stand the place) who is planning her own wedding (chock full of unicorn barf) i salute you!!

  4. I’ve truly appreciated your sharing your disdain for wedding gowns. I finally resolved my own dress dilemma today! I flew to another city with a shop that had a range of bridesmaid dresses that could be ordered in ivory, cream, and oyster. I found something that suited my taste, looked just bridal enough, and was cost effective. Hooray! The biggest stress of my wedding has been resolved. Thanks for posting–I needed the moral support.

  5. So right now im writing a visual analysis paper for college and i decieded to go wtih an add from BRIDES and how it basicly just plays on womens insucites of her ‘Dream’ wedding. I’ve been looking everywhere for an oppion on this topic but cant seem to find one. after looking at some of your blog i figured you would be the perfect person to ask. So what whats your take on The wedding industry and how they go as far as to use adversisments to highlight womans fear on marriage their big day , just to push consumer productivity?


  6. Hi! I’m currently planning my own anti-wedding and hoping to write/blog about it too. Thanks for sharing your anti-ness 🙂

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